1995 Honda CR-V Make Parking Brake Adjustments

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Adjust your Honda CR-V parking brake when the vehicle starts to slip down a hill after you put the vehicle in "Park." You can make the adjustments yourself at home to save you time and money. Use these procedures on your Honda CR-V years 1995 to 2000.

Tools Used[edit]

Phillips screwdriver
Jack and jack stands

Make Parking Brake Adjustments[edit]

  • Remove the trim covers that are covering the screws holding the center console cover in place with your Phillips screwdriver. Next, remove the screws using your Phillips screwdriver.
  • Slide the center console cover back and then up to removed it from the parking brake lever area.
  • Use your wrench to adjust the parking brake adjuster nut attached to the end of the parking brake cable.
  • Raise your Honda CR-V rear wheels in the air using your jack and support both rear wheels with your jack stands.
  • Pull up on the parking brake lever two notches and verify there is a slight resistance on the rear wheels. Raise the parking brake lever to six notches and verify the rear wheels don't move.
  • Lower your Honda CR-V using your jack and remove the jack stands from the rear wheels.
  • Put the center console back into place. Use your Phillips screwdriver to put the screws back into place to hold the center console. Replace the trim covers over the center console screws.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • This guide is based on information for your 1995 to 2000 Honda CR-V. Check your owner's documentation for your specific model year for the right tools, methods and parts for your Honda CR-V.