1993 Toyota 4Runner Replace the Fuel Filter

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The fuel filter on a 1993 Toyota 4Runner filters sediment and debris out of the fuel lines. The filter is made to last for 30,000 to 40,000 miles, after which it must be replaced to prevent the filter from getting clogged and causing the fuel performance to decrease and the fuel economy to drop. Replace the filter at regular intervals for optimum performance.

Tools Used[edit]

Socket wrench
Socket set
New fuel filter

Replace the Fuel Filter[edit]

  • Open the hood for access to the engine compartment. Open the cover to the fuse panel located behind the battery. The panel is labeled and shows the location of the fuel pump relay. Pull the relay by hand.
  • Start the truck and allow it to idle until it stalls out. This empties all the fuel in the lines.
  • Locate the fuel filter by crawling under the truck by the driver's door. The filter is a canister-shaped component with fuel lines attached to it.
  • Squeeze the tabs on the end of one of the fuel lines with a pair of pliers to loosen the clamp on the fuel line. Disconnect the remaining fuel line the same way.
  • Unbolt the clamp holding the filter mounting bracket to the frame rail with a socket wrench. Pull the filter away from the vehicle.
  • Position the new filter to the mounting bracket and tighten it with a socket wrench. Ensure the filter is snug on the mounting bracket. Ensure the arrow is pointing toward the front of the truck, as this designates the direction of fuel flow.
  • Squeeze the clamps with the pliers to loosen the hose clamps. Push the fuel lines back onto the filter. Release the clamps once each fuel line is over the lines on the filter.
  • Push the relay back into the fuse panel. Close the fuse panel by locking the cover in place.
  • Turn the ignition to the "on" position. This activates the fuel pump, which will run for two seconds as it primes the fuel lines.
  • Allow the truck to idle for five minutes while observing the fuel filter. Check for any leaks around the fittings.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • The fuel filter can be purchased at any automotive parts store.
  • Use caution as gasoline is toxic and flammable.