1999 Toyota 4Runner Remove a Fuel Pump

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The 1999 Toyota 4Runner, being a fuel-injected vehicle, is equipped with an electric fuel pump located inside the fuel tank. The fuel pump must maintain a high pressure in the fuel lines in order to move the fuel throughout the system, primarily between the gas tank and the engine. If the fuel pump is not properly working or you are experiencing a slow start, it may require removal and replacement, which ultimately requires removal of the entire gas tank.

Tools Used[edit]

Old rags
Line wrench
Jack stand
Socket set

Remove a Fuel Pump[edit]

  • Disconnect the negative battery cable and relieve the car's fuel pressure before performing any work. The pressure is relieved by wrapping a towel around the cold start injector at the fuel delivery rail and loosening the union bolt. Allow the pressure to escape into the rag but do not remove so quickly that it sprays fuel. Drain any remaining fuel from the gas tank.
  • Remove the 4Runner's fuel tank by loosening the bolts around its perimeter. with a line wrench. Slowly lower the fuel tank onto the jack stand covered with rags or cardboard to prevent punctures to the tank, then roll it out from beneath the vehicle on the jack.
  • Remove the retaining bolts on the fuel pump using a ratchet with appropriately sized socket. It is located on top of the tank. Pull the fuel pump bracket up and out of the fuel tank. Remove the gasket from the bracket.
  • Remove the two nuts to disconnect the wires leading to the fuel pump. Pull the fuel pump out of the lower side of the bracket, and disconnect the pump from the fuel supply hose. Removing the rubber cushion and clip, disconnecting the pump.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • Failure to fully relieve pressure from the fuel tank can result in serious injury or fire.