1999 Toyota 4Runner Replacing Fuel Filter

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The fuel filter is an important component of the fueling system on a vehicle. If it has been awhile since your last fuel system check, you may notice some serious car problems. A few symptoms of a faulty fuel filter include poor gas mileage, engine power loss and ignition failure. Fortunately, replacing the fuel filter on a 1999 Toyota 4Runner is a simple procedure. All you need is a new filter and some basic tools.

Tools Used[edit]

Adjustable wrench
Drain pan
Safety glasses

Replacing Fuel Filter[edit]

  • Park your Toyota 4Runner in a safe area on level ground. Engage the parking brake. Unscrew the gas filler cap from the fuel tank. Pop open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery.
  • Don the safety glasses and gloves. Crawl underneath the 4Runner from the passenger's side of the vehicle. Locate the fuel filter by looking below the passenger seating area. The filter is mounted to the vehicle frame just in front of the fuel tank. You should be able to identify the fuel filter as a black or silver oblong container with a black hose coming out of both ends of the container. This black hose is the fuel line.
  • Inspect the fuel filter. You'll notice that it is connected to the fuel line by a union bolt. Loosen and remove this bolt with an adjustable wrench. As you are loosening the union bolt, some fuel may leak from the fuel filter. Allow all of this fuel to drain into a drain pan before completely removing the union bolt.
  • Pull on the fuel line until it detaches from the fuel filter. Disconnect the fuel filter from the frame of the vehicle by unscrewing the mounting bolts that secure the filter in place. Set these mounting bolts aside and discard the fuel filter.
  • Mount a new fuel filter to the frame of the vehicle with an adjustable wrench and the mounting bolts. Reconnect the fuel line to the fuel filter using the wrench and the union bolt.
  • Crawl from underneath the vehicle. Screw the gas filler cap to the fuel tank. Reconnect the negative battery cable to the battery. Start the car and allow it run for a few minutes to pressurize the fuel line.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • For a 1999 Toyota 4Runner, try using an Az brand fuel filter with the part number FF635.
  • Even when the engine is off, the fuel filter is likely to contain flammable gas and fumes. Keep open flames and cigarettes away.