2000 BMW 323Ci Replace Spark Plugs

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The 2000 BMW E36 323Ci is part of the E46 generation of the 3 Series lineup. The E46 replaced the E36 generation of cars and was later replaced by the E90 generation. The 323Ci is a two door variant of the model. Its in-line six-cylinder engine uses a coil-on-spark plug design. The spark plugs should be changed periodically as part of the 323's routine maintenance.

Tools Used[edit]

Socket set and ratchet
Flat head screwdriver
Torque wrench
Spark plug gap tool

Replace Spark Plugs[edit]

  • Open the hood. Remove the round, plastic plugs on the left side (passenger's side) engine cover. Remove the 10 mm bolts that hold the cover to the engine with a socket and a ratchet. Set the engine cover aside.
  • Starting at the front of the engine, pull the metal clip back with your fingers or a screwdriver that holds the wire to the coil. Unplug the wire from the coil while holding the clip back.
  • Remove the two small bolts that fasten the coil to the engine block. Pull the coil out of the engine and set it aside. Loosen and remove the plug with a socket and set it aside.
  • Check the gap on the new spark plug against the specification on the emissions label near the radiator. Adjust, if necessary, using the gap tool. Install the new spark plug. When threading them in, install them slowly by hand to ensure that the plugs do not cross thread (go in crooked) and damage the threads in the engine. Tighten the plug with a torque wrench to 22 foot-pounds.
  • Reinstall the coil with the two bolts. Plug the wiring harness back into the coil and ensure that the metal clip is seated properly.
  • Repeat Steps 2 through 5 for the remaining plugs. Two of the coils will have small ground wires under the bolts. Note the location of these for reinstallation.
  • Reinstall the engine cover with the 10 mm bolts. Reinstall the plastic caps that go over the bolt holes. Close the hood.