2000 Toyota 4Runner Replace Fan Belt

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The fan belt on the 2000 Toyota 4Runner also operates the power steering pump, air conditioner compressor and the alternator. The belt has ridges on its inner portion that travel inside of the multi-grooved pulleys located on each accessory. As the belt turns around each accessory pulley, it enables each accessory to perform. The crankshaft is the drive component that turns the belt around the accessories. If the belt has any fraying, cracking or other types of damage, remove it and replace it before it breaks.

Tools Used[edit]

3/8-inch drive breaker
Metric sockets
New belt

Replace Fan Belt[edit]

  • Raise the hood and locate the belt routing diagram that is stamped to the top, flat surface of the fan shroud. Follow the routing directions as instructed by the diagram to route the new belt around the accessory pulleys.
  • Locate the self-adjusting belt tensioner on the front, left-hand side of the engine. The tensioner is directly to the left of the fan pulley. To turn the tensioner, use the bolt in the center of the pulley that is connected to the tensioner.
  • Rotate the tensioner from the pulley bolt counterclockwise with a breaker bar and a metric socket. As the tensioner is moving, the belt will loosen. Once the belt is loose enough, slide it off the top of the tensioner pulley. Then, let the tensioner retract until it stops and remove the breaker bar.
  • Pull the belt out of each pulley. Then, route the belt around each fan blade and out of the engine area. Rotate each fan blade to the top side of the engine to get the belt around each blade.
  • Lay the old belt next to the new belt to ensure the proper size of the new belt. Then, route the new belt around the fan blades and onto the crankshaft pulley on the front-bottom of the engine.
  • Follow the belt routing diagram exactly as instructed to route the new belt around the accessory pulleys. Then, turn the tensioner from the pulley bolt counterclockwise again with the breaker bar and socket.
  • Position the new belt over the top of the tensioner pulley. Slowly let the tensioner retract, so the tensioner pulley can tighten the belt. Remove the breaker bar and socket from the tensioner pulley. Inspect the new belt carefully to make sure that it is properly inside of each pulley.
  • Crank the 2000 Toyota 4Runner engine and let it run for about five to 10 seconds. This will completely seat the new belt to the inside of each pulley as they turn. Turn the engine off and shut the hood.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • If the belt routing diagram is missing from the 2000 Toyota 4Runner, use a pen and a notepad to sketch out the exact routing method of the old serpentine belt. Use the diagram to properly route the new belt around each accessory.
  • Keep hands and tools away from moving parts while the motor is running.