2001 BMW X5 Repair Headlight Fuse

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The 2001 BMW X5 uses several different fuse panels, including one in the glove compartment and one on the driver's side under the dash. There are four separate fuses for the headlights in the X5. The car uses a separate fuse for each high- and low-beam light on each side. The amperage of the fuse will vary depending on the model, so make sure that the fuse you install matches the old one. Buy replacement fuses from an auto parts store.

Tools Used[edit]

Replacement fuse

Repair Headlight Fuse[edit]

  • Turn the ignition off and remove the key. Open the glove compartment and locate the fuse box cover on the side nearest the passenger side door. Grab the handle of the cover and pull it straight out to open the fuse box.
  • Use the fuse pullers found inside the fuse panel to remove the first fuse in the panel to change the driver-side high-beam fuse. The second fuse in the row is the driver-side low-beam fuse. Remove the second to last fuse in the row to change the passenger-side low-beam fuse. Pull the last fuse in the row to change the passenger-side high-beam fuse.
  • Insert the new fuse straight into the slot. Push the fuse into place until it is secure. Press the fuse panel cover back into place until it clicks. Close the glove box.