2001 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Change Steering Column

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There are a number of reasons why your 2001 Monte Carlo steering column will require replacing. Your vehicle may have been subject of a recent break in attempt or your column may have just become worn and damaged over the years. Either way, you will need to remove the entire column and replace it with a new one. The work is pretty straight forward and can be completed in around an hour and a half. You can order a replacement column specific to your Monte Carlo from your local auto store.

Tools Used[edit]

Socket wrench
Phillips screwdriver
Flat head screwdriver

Change Steering Column[edit]


  • Open up the hood of your Monte Carlo. Use a socket wrench to loosen the bolt attached to the negative terminal clamp with a socket wrench. Pull the negative cable away from the terminal. This will allow you to safely begin removing the steering column panels.
  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screws attached to the fuse panel cover underneath the steering wheel. Lift off the cover and use your hands to remove the airbag fuse. This will allow you to safely remove the airbag from the steering wheel without it deploying.
  • Remove the steering wheel cover from its connectors using a flat head screwdriver. Pull the horn and airbag out of the steering wheel. Follow the wiring for both components and pull their connectors out of the center of the steering wheel. Place them both in a safe area for reattachment later
  • Use a socket wrench to remove the retaining nut from the center of the steering wheel. Lift the wheel away from the steering column.
  • Remove the screws attached to the upper steering column shroud using a Phillips screwdriver. Move the shroud away from the column.
  • Take the screws out of the lower steering column shroud the same way in which you removed the upper shroud.
  • Use your hands to remove the two electrical connectors from the steering column wiring harness. This will free the harness from the column.
  • Use a socket wrench to remove the lower pinch bolt found at the boot of the steering column. This will disconnect the shaft coupler from the column. Remove the remaining part of the steering column from the Monte Carlo.


  • Place new steering column boot at the bottom of the column area. Reattach the pinch bolt in order to secure the shaft coupler back on to the steering column.
  • Use your hands to reconnect the two electrical connectors on to the steering column. This will secure the wiring harness back on to the column.
  • Reattach the new upper and lower shrouds to the steering column by lifting them in place and attaching the mounting screws with a Phillips screwdriver. Install the lower shroud first then proceed to attach the upper shroud.
  • Place the steering wheel back on top of the steering column and reattach the retaining nut in to the center of the wheel to secure it in place.
  • Place the wiring for the airbag and horn back in to its connectors in the center of the wheel. Place the steering wheel cover back on top of the wheel. Place the airbag fuse back in to the fuse panel and place the panel cover back in place. Reconnect the negative cable back on to the battery terminal and secure in place with the bolt clamp.