2004 Chevrolet Avalanche Take Off Door Panel

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Chevrolet entered the full-size sport utility truck market in the 2002 model year with the introduction of the Avalanche. Built on the same chassis as the Suburban, the Avalanche provides seating for six adults while still offering a spacious truck bed for hauling cargo. The 2004 Avalanche's doors house the power window and lock mechanisms, as well as the stereo speakers. To perform any service or repair on these components, you must first remove the Avalanche's door panel.

Tools Used[edit]

Trim tool
8 mm socket
Torque wrench


  • Pry the inner door handle bezel off the Avalanche's door panel using a trim tool. Pry the door panel upper extension off with the trim tool. Set both trim pieces aside.
  • Pry the manual lock lever off the door panel using the trim tool. Set it aside.
  • Remove the two hex-head screws, located inside the opening exposed after the lock lever was removed, using a ratchet and 8 mm socket. Remove the hex-head screw located in front of the arm rest with the socket and wrench. Place both screws within reach for ease of reassembly.
  • Slide the Avalanche's door panel upward 3 inches before pulling it away from the door far enough to gain access to the back side of the panel. Disconnect the wiring harness from the power lock and window switches and the courtesy light (if equipped) before setting the door panel aside.


  • Hold the door panel near the door and reconnect the wiring harness to the power window and lock switches. Reconnect the wiring harness to the courtesy light (if equipped).
  • Set the door panel on the door, carefully aligning the retainer hooks with their related retaining slots, and lower the panel into place until the retaining hooks seat into the door.
  • Install the three hex-head screws and tighten them to 18 inch-pounds using the torque wrench.
  • Align the Avalanche's manual lock lever with the door panel. Push inward on the lock lever until it snaps into the door panel.
  • Snap the door panel upper extension into place. Snap the inner door handle bezel into place. Verify the power accessories operate properly before driving the Avalanche.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • Always use care when prying on plastic trim pieces; they break easily and are very expensive to replace.