2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer Change the Front Light

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Changing the front lights on a 2005 Chevrolet TrailBlazer is a somewhat lengthy process because the grille must be removed. It is very straightforward, however, and only requires a replacement bulb. As all four front lights are contained in the headlight assembly, replacing any of them requires you to remove the assembly. The type of bulb to use depends on the light you are changing.

Tools Used[edit]

Clean cloth
Replacement bulb

Change the Front Light[edit]

  • Turn off the TrailBlazer's engine, and open the hood. The front grille is held in place by 11 clips, with 10 on the outside of the grille and one in the center.
  • Remove all 10 of the clips on the outside of the grille. Make sure to hold on to them as they will be needed to reattach the grille. Pull on the grille after removing the clips. As you pull on the grille, the center clip will pop out. Completely remove the grille from the vehicle.
  • Pull up on the headlamp assembly sliding tabs. They will not come out completely, but instead will allow for enough space to access the headlamp assembly. Disconnect the turn signal wires from the side of the assembly. Disconnect the main electrical wire from the rear of the assembly.
  • Pull the entire assembly out of the vehicle. Each of the bulbs are labeled. Lift the rubber cover off the bulb you wish to change. The low-beam headlight uses 9006 type bulbs, the high-beam headlight uses 9005 type bulbs, the turn signal light uses 3757NA type bulbs, and the side-marker light uses 194 type bulbs. Pull the bulb out of the assembly. Wipe the replacement down with a clean cloth, and use the cloth to push the bulb into the assembly. Reattach the rubber covers.
  • Reconnect the side-marker wire and main electrical wire to the assembly. Place it back into the vehicle, and push down on the two sliding tabs to lock it into place. Place the grille back onto the vehicle, and reattach all 11 clips. Close the hood.

Tips & Warnings[edit]

  • Halogen bulbs should never be touched with bare hands. Doing so may severely reduce the life expectancy of the bulb due to hot spots forming on the glass surface because of the oils from your hands.