Chevrolet Corvette Headlight Switch Rod Knob Installation

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The Chevrolet Corvette has been in production since 1953. The Corvette has been built in six distinct versions, C1 through the C6 model. To reinstall the rod, simply push it into the switch until it snaps into place. It is a common problem that these mechanisms get worn and the retainer inside the switch assembly breaks causing the knob and rod to fall out. When this happens, the rod no longer snaps into the retainer and the entire assembly needs replacement. Follow these instructions to replace the headlight switch and rod knob assembly on 1968 to 1977 Corvettes.

Tools Used[edit]

1/4-inch open-end wrench
Phillips screwdriver
Flat screwdriver
Headlight switch assembly

Headlight Switch Rod Knob Installation[edit]

  • Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery lead.
  • Loosen the bolts holding the steering rag joint together with the steering box, using an open-end wrench. The rag joint is the flexible joint found under the hood that connects the steering column to the steering shaft. Remove the bolts holding the steering column to the firewall. Remove the two bolts holding the steering column to the lower dash panel. Gently lower the steering column as far as it will drop. This will give you enough space to pull back the dash panel
  • Remove the three screws connecting the dash panel to the upper dash pad with a screwdriver. Remove the two screws on the left side of the pad connecting to the door frame and the two screws connecting the dash panel to the center console.
  • Locate the headlight knob in the upper-left corner of the dashboard. Gently pull the dash panel toward you just enough to gain access to the headlight switch housing. Using a flat screwdriver, remove the center retainer holding the switch to the dash pad. Remove the vacuum hoses and electrical connections. Replace the switch housing.
  • Push the new knob and rod through the dash into the new housing until you feel it click into place. Test it to make sure that the knob has properly locked into the mechanism.
  • Reassemble the dash panel. Reattach the steering column bracket and the firewall bracket. Re-tighten the rag joint bolts and connect the negative lead back to the battery. Close the hood.