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About Us & Our Goal

Wikituneup is the largest online database of information for servicing vehicles. It comes down to three things.

  • We all hate to pay those astronomical bills at the service stations.
  • Backyard service wo(men) realize the cost of buying a service manual. Let's just share all our knowledge and have a free one stop site with all vehicle servicing information.
  • A lot of people just don't realize how easy most things are to fix. With Wikituneup, you can just find the repair you need and go fix it yourself!

We Need Your Help

We know everyone is not a genius at wiki editing, but it's pretty easy for your average user. Go to the help section and start reading the simple beginner steps to start sharing your knowledge. You can also go play in the Sandbox to learn how to edit a wiki and see what your results will look like! There is also a preview button on the edit screen too!

There is only two of us here at Wikituneup, and even if we had unlimited time on our hands we would never be able to obtain all the information for every man-made vehicle. So hopefully with the help of the online community and a few dedicated people we can start getting a pretty solid amount of information available to the public.

We are now coming to the public to try and get as much content on here as possible, and we ask that you please create an account. It is not required for making changes to the site, but is required for starting a new article.

Please Contact us if your interested in helping us out!