1990 Audi Quattro 80 Reset Windshield Wipers

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The Audi Quattro 80's windshield wipers are essential to safe driving in the rain and snow. Over time, the wipers when turn turned off may stop at the 12 o´clock position rather than all the way down at the bottom of the windshield. This most commonly occurs when the wipers are used to remove a large piece of ice or snow from the windshield, skewing the windshield wiper motor´s starting position. You can reset the wipers in your own garage to ensure safe driving.

Tools Used[edit]

Socket wrench

Reset Windshield Wipers[edit]

  • Lift the hood of the car and locate the wiper motor, which is located on the driver side of the car, directly underneath the windshield wipers. Remove the wiper motor´s plastic cover by loosening its fastening clips -- this can be done by hand. Locate the bolt in the center of the wiper motor, remove it with a socket wrench and set it aside.
  • Run your windshield wipers through one complete cycle (the easiest way to do this is to activate the windshield washer, which runs your wipers through one cycle and then stops them in the parked position). This will not actually move the wipers, as the wiper bolt is removed, but you will notice the motor moving.
  • Push the wipers down until they are in an all-the-way-down position. This will hide the spot where the wiper bolt was attached -- the passenger wiper linkage will conceal it from view.
  • Pull the passenger wiper linkage away from the wiper motor. Use your hands, but do not use too much force, as that could break or bend the linkage. With the passenger wiper linkage removed, reattach the wiper bolt to the wiper motor, and make sure that the driver side wiper linkage is still in the all-the-way-down position before reattaching the wiper bolt.
  • Turn on your windshield wipers to confirm that they have been correctly reset. Only the driver-side wiper will move at this point, but because the wipers work in tandem, a correctly positioned driver wiper indicates a correctly positioned passenger wiper.
  • Reattach the passenger wiper linkage to the wiper motor. Use a mallet to tap it back into place, reattach the wiper motor´s plastic cover by tightening its fastening clips and then close the hood. Run your wipers again to ensure that both are correctly reset.