2005 Audi Aim Headlights

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It's important to properly align the headlights on your 2005 Audi so that you do not blind oncoming traffic and also so that you can see while driving at night (or during inclement weather). You adjust your Audi's headlights using two screws mounted on the top of the headlight-housing assembly. There are two discs operated by the screws that adjust the position of the headlights. Normally, it is only necessary to adjust the headlights when you've just replaced the headlight housing and the new housings do not come pre-adjusted.

Tools Used[edit]

Phillips-head screwdriver

Aim Headlights[edit]

  • Park your Audi so that it is 25 feet away from the garage and facing a closed garage door.
  • Turn on the headlights and open the hood.
  • Turn the adjustment screws on the top of the headlight-housing assembly until the center of the headlight beam is positioned at the bottom of the garage door where the door meets the ground and until both of the headlight beams overlap each other by 50 percent.