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This version of the Privacy policy was approved in August 2011 by the owners or Wikituneup.


Our site policy covers personally identifiable that is collected and stored on our server. We collect and store the least amount of personally identifiable information needed to fulfill the operation of Wikituneup.

User Accounts

A little different than most wiki's out there, but here at Wikituneup require you to take minimal time to make an account to be able to create articles within the site (not required for editing). When making changes on the site, you will be identified by your chosen username. You as the users select your password for you account which is confidential and to be used to identify yourself. Except if required by law, no user should knowingly expose your password or cookies used for identifying a user.

NOTE: Once you create an account it will not be removed. Depending on circumstance, users can request a name change, but to no guarantee will it be approved and changed.

Purpose: Collection of Private Information

  • For the accountability of the articles. We realize with a site such as this that allows participation from the general public for its content that there will be certain kinds of abuse encountered. We here at Wikituneup are trying our best to avoid and remedy any abusive behavior.
  • For site statistics like linked here.
  • Finally, for problem solving. We can reference logged data to troubleshoot any problems, or to try and track down people or things (such as spiders) that are not in the best interest of Wikituneup.


IP Address & Other Information

When a user visits WikiTuneup to read articles, or sends an email to us at WikiTuneup we do not collect any more information other than what is typically collected on web sites. We will never use this information to track legit users.

When you edit a page on Wikituneup, we securely and privately store your IP address for a brief period of time, and is automatically set to delete after that period of time. The reason we chose to require a registered username on the site to create articles is due to reasoning that it's a better preservation of privacy. If we chose to allow you to create articles without a username your IP address would be publicly and permanently available, and this is why chose for all users to register.

NOTE: If you edit an article your IP address is exposed. This would be a reason we recommend you create an account. That is, if you don't want your IP revealed!


Wikituneup sets temporary cookies on the visiting computer whenever a page is accessed. If you choose not to edit or even log into the site, you can choose to deny this cookie. When you do log in, more cookies may be set for you can maintain your logged-in status. If you select to save your login credentials in your browser then this will send your information to the server every time you visit the page from that computer. We recommend if you are using a public computer that you clear the cookies when your finished, especially if you logged into the site with your registered username.

Article History

Anything that you edit, create, move, delete or redirect within the Wikituneup site is generally retained forever. Even if you delete or remove something, it does not permanently delete/remove it. Typically anyone can look at a previous version of an article to see what used to be there. If something does get deleted, a user with an administrative account can may still be able to see what used to be in public view. Unless we are requested by law to delete something permanently, there is no guarantee that anything will be entirely deleted.

User Contributions

Contributions from registered users is made publicly available. Nothing that is collected on your visit will publicly give away your identity to other visitors of Wikituneup.

Reading Articles

If you visit Wikituneup to simply read articles, whether logged in or not, no more information is collected here than there would be on any other server log for any other website. Just visiting articles will not in anyway expose your identity.

Editing Articles

When you edit anything on Wikituneup you are identified by username and/or IP address, and the edit history of the article is collaborated by author in the list of the articles history. As stated above, being a registered user will prevent from exposing your IP address as the editor or creator as opposed to if you were not logged into the website.

Identifiable Information


As of right now, only the owners have privileged access to any user identifiable information. When/If that changes, it will be publicly known on this policy page.

Releasing Information

The policy of Wikituneup is that any user identifiable information that is collected in server logs, records in the database via CheckUser, or any other accessible information that is non-publicly available, may be released by the owners of Wikituneup if any of these situations arise:

  • A subpoena or request from law enforcement.
  • Permission by the registered user.
  • Investigating abuse complaints, if necessary.
  • To resolve technical issues.
  • If any user is vandalizing or being disruptive we may release data to an Internet Service Provider (ISP), or any other third party entity for the assistance in blocking the IP or just for submitting a complaint to the ISP.
  • When we deem it necessary for the protection of rights or property of Wikituneup, and its users.

In Closing

It is very important to us here at Wikituneup, in the preserving of privacy for our registered users, and visitors. This policy stands for our effort in the security of the limited information we do collect and store on our servers. However, Wikituneup cannot absolutely guarantee that all user information will stay private. Despite the efforts that we take in protecting user private information, we are aware that there are people out there that are determined to uncover such information and reveal it through methods such as, but not limited to, data-mining. For that reason, we cannot guarantee against unauthorized access to information provided through participating on Wikituneup, but will strive to the best of our abilities.